When does your cylinder needs to be
“Re-Qualified” or Hydro Tested?

- Fiber Wrapped/Carbon Fiber (FRP) - Usually every 3 years, but some have switched to 5. Call us with the E number and we will look them up if you can't find then on the DOT Site.

- Steel (3A or 3AA marks) - usually every 5 years, but some large storage bottles have star marks (*) on them, allowing 10 year test cycle.

- Steel (3HT marks) - Every 3 years.

- Aluminum (3AL marks) - every 5 years (SCUBA, CO2 and O2 bottles usually)

How long can I use my cylinder if it is properly Hydro Tested when required (without failure)?

- Fiber Wrapped/Carbon Fiber (FRP) - Usually 15 years, some new bottles have been extended for 20 years.

- Steel (3A or 3AA marks) - Unlimited

- Steel 3HT bottles - 24 years

- Aluminum (3AL marks) - Unlimited

Why do I need to Hydro my cylinders?

Federal Law requires cylinders to be tested periodically for YOUR SAFETY!
It is against the law to fill an out-of-date cylinder. Not to mention, you don’t want this to happen to one of your cylinders:

Exploded Tank 1
Exploded Tank 2

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